Air Breaker Switch ensures safe isolation of electrical circuits, enabling secure maintenance and emergency operations. Its versatile design allows for various applications, offering visual confirmation of disconnection and reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

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General Applications of Breaker Switch

High-voltage circuit breakershas the following wide range of applications , Inquiry us for more solution.

The 24kV Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker is a versatile tool for power management. It is a critical component in power distribution networks, substations, power generation plants, industrial complexes, and transport infrastructure. Whether it’s the safeguarding of power grids in coal-fired or hydroelectric facilities, or ensuring seamless power supply in manufacturing units, railways, or ports, this circuit breaker is at the heart of efficient and safe electricity distribution.

Transportation Infrastructure

Data Centers

Marine Applications

Renewable Energy Systems

Industrial Plants

Electricity Grids

General Hot Selling Products

Experience top-grade safety with PROAMP’s high-voltage circuit breakers. Expertly designed for B2B markets, our devices ensure reliable protection against power system faults.

CE Standard 24kV 630A 25Ka Electric 3Phase Handcart Indoor interrupters Circuit Breaker

PROAMP’s Outdoor High Voltage Isolator Switch offers safety and versatility in high-voltage applications. It’s designed for outdoor use, ensuring durability, ease of operation, and cost-effectiveness.

GN19 12KV Outdoor High Voltage Double Power Isolation Knife Switch-01

The GN19 12KV Outdoor High Voltage Double Power Isolation Knife Switch offers optimal safety, robust durability, and ease of operation. Capable of handling voltages up to 12KV, it’s ideal for varied power applications. Its unique double power isolation improves power management, perfect for outdoor use.

Outdoor Pole Type High Voltage Disconnector/Isolator Switch

The Outdoor Pole Type High Voltage Disconnector/Isolator Switch is key for safety and reliability in electrical systems. It ensures safe isolation during maintenance, offers versatile applications, and is designed for easy operation. Constructed with quality materials for long-term performance, it is also a cost-effective solution for electrical grids and industrial environments.

GW4 Outdoor 33kV, 35kV, 40.5kV, 630A Disconnector Switch

The GW4 Outdoor Disconnector Switch, with specifications of 33kV, 35kV, 40.5kV, and 630A, offers versatility, durability, safety, ease of operation, and cost-effectiveness. Its robust construction and user-friendly design make it a reliable and valuable addition to various high-voltage applications.

A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose Proamp?

Our company, PROAMP, follows a meticulous process to create top-quality high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers. It begins with detailed design drawings, capturing the unique specifications and requirements of each project. Our skilled engineers carefully create these designs, ensuring every aspect of the breaker is accounted for, from electrical specifications to physical dimensions.

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Next, these designs guide the creation of molds. Using advanced mechanical equipment, our specialists construct highly precise molds that are the basis for our products. Every detail from the design drawings is captured, guaranteeing an exact match in the final product.

Finally, these molds are used to create the finished products. Our production team meticulously oversees this process, ensuring the final high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker adheres to the highest standards of quality and precision. It’s through this careful, end-to-end process that we can assure our customers receive reliable and high-quality products, tailored exactly to their needs.

The Process Flow

This extensive process, covering product drawing design, mold building, production, quality inspection, and logistics, ensures that PROAMP consistently delivers high-quality products to its customers worldwide.


The first step in PROAMP’s product manufacturing is the product drawing design. This critical step is handled by a team of skilled engineers and designers. Their primary task is to create detailed blueprints for each product. This involves thorough research and conceptualization to ensure that the product will meet the demands of the market. The process involves several iterations of designs, fine-tuning them based on the product’s intended function, the materials to be used, and other relevant factors. To facilitate this, the design team uses state-of-the-art software to ensure precision and to streamline the process.

Step2: Mold Building

The next step is building the mold. PROAMP’s team of specialized engineers works meticulously to construct precise molds. They employ techniques like CAD and CNC machining to achieve high dimensional accuracy. They pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the molds are made accurately for consistent and high-quality production. The mold building process is a collaborative effort with the design team to ensure that the final product will align perfectly with the designed blueprint.

Step 3:Production and Installation

Production is the actualization of the carefully planned design and precisely built molds. The team uses industry-leading machinery and manufacturing processes to produce components as per the specifications. The production process involves various stages, including casting, machining, finishing, and assembly. After the components are manufactured, the installation phase begins. This involves putting together the individual parts in line with the product blueprint. The team checks for any discrepancies, ensuring that every part fits perfectly and functions as intended.

Step 4:Quality Inspection

PROAMP emphasizes on delivering high-quality products. To ensure this, a stringent quality inspection process is in place. The Quality Control (QC) team scrutinizes each product in terms of durability, performance, and safety. They check if the product adheres to the set specifications, industry standards, and compliance regulations. The QC team uses various testing methods like stress testing, performance testing, and safety tests. Only those products that pass these stringent tests are approved for distribution.

Step 5:Logistics and Transportation

After production and quality inspection, the products are ready to be shipped. PROAMP’s logistics team ensures that the products are packaged properly to prevent any damage during transportation. They organize the inventory, arrange for safe and timely transportation, and coordinate with various parties, including shipping companies and customs. They constantly track the consignments until they reach the customer, ensuring a seamless delivery process.

Want to know how to compress lead times?

Compressing lead times involves efficient planning, inventory and supplier management, lean manufacturing principles, technological integration, and continuous improvement. While aiming for quicker delivery, maintaining quality is equally critical for customer satisfaction.

The Basic Knowledge About Our Factory

Established in China in 2010, PROAMP is a B2B manufacturer specializing in medium-voltage equipment, including vacuum circuit breakers, isolator switches, and more. With our 102-strong team, we control quality and cost effectively by producing spare parts in-house. We’ve successfully exported to Bangladesh, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan. Our typical clients, like our valued customer Imdadu from Bangladesh, value quality and are involved in power product import and distribution. We understand their challenges and provide reliable, competitively priced solutions.

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The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Navigating the world of purchasing can be a minefield without proper caution. Watch out for oversights such as lack of product understanding – know what you’re buying inside out. Don’t let price overshadow quality and functionality, or you might pay more in the long run. Vet the supplier’s reputation and reliability carefully to avoid surprises. Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong after-sales service, it can be your lifeline when issues arise. And lastly, familiarize yourself with shipping terms and conditions to prevent logistical headaches down the road. Remember, a successful purchase is about more than just paying and receiving..

The FAQs About Our Products

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

Our circuit breakers are composed of high-grade copper for conductivity, sturdy ceramic for insulation, and state-of-the-art vacuum technology for fault interruption.

At PROAMP, we understand that time is money. Once your order is placed and processed, it usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks to receive your shipment, depending on the logistics and customs procedures.

PROAMP is a proud manufacturer, not a middleman. We craft products from scratch in our state-of-the-art factories, blending technical prowess with quality materials. Our hands-on approach ensures that you get products straight from the source.

Indeed, we warmly welcome your visit to our PROAMP factory in China for an on-site inspection. It would be an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand experience of our manufacturing process and quality control measures. Please inform us of your itinerary in advance so we can prepare accordingly to make your visit as informative and beneficial as possible.

What about the details of the packaging?

Purchasing from China, and particularly from PROAMP, means getting superior quality at prices that are even more competitive than those in India and Vietnam. That's top-notch quality and savings, all rolled into one!

We believe in our products and stand by their quality. When you purchase our machines, they come with a comprehensive warranty from 1-3 years. Should any issue arise due to manufacturing defects within the warranty period, rest assured that we will provide prompt and efficient solutions.

We're pleased to accept both T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) and L/C (Letter of Credit) payments.We're also flexible and can discuss other terms to suit your specific requirements. Your comfort and convenience are paramount to us!